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How to Complete the Absentee Ballot Application

1. Date the application and address the application to your county clerk. A list of county clerks with contact information is available HERE.

2. Indicate the reason you are requesting an absentee ballot.

3. Indicate your current residential situation.

4. Indicate the election(s) for which you wish to receive an absentee ballot. If you are wishing to receive an absentee ballot for the November 3, 2020 General Election, you select “General Election/Nonpartisan Runoff & General Election Runoff.”

  • Voters with disabilities, in a long-term or residential care facility, or living outside the county may request to receive absentee ballots for all elections in the next calendar year.

  • UOCAVA voters may request to receive an absentee ballot for all elections through the next Federal General Election Cycle. For more information about UOCAVA voters, click HERE.

5. Indicate how you would like to receive your ballot.

  • If you are using a designated bearer, administrator, or authorized agent to deliver your application and obtain your ballot, you must print that person’s name to the side of this option. That person will also need to sign the application.

  • Only UOCAVA voters may receive ballots via electronic means.

6. Enter your printed name, the address at which you are registered to vote, and your date-of-birth on the application.

7. Read the certifications, and double check that you made all of the correct selections, then sign the application.

8. Ensure the designated bearer, administrator, or agent has signed the application, if applicable.

9. Return your application to your county clerk via mail, hand delivery, email, or fax.


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