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Senator Keith Ingram | Strong Schools for the Future of Eastern Arkansas


Keith Ingram understands the need for a better quality twenty-first-century educational system.

Keith believes we can continue to improve our schools so that our children and grandchildren will have the tools they need to succeed. From our Pre-K programs to our two-year community colleges and four-year universities, he believes students attending schools in the Delta are as important, as deserving, and as promising as students in any school in our state.
Keith co-sponsored legislation to increase funding for our public schools and helped provide additional funding for teacher health insurance programs. As chairman of the Athletic Training Taskforce in Arkansas, he also sponsored
legislation to ensure public schools would have policies in place to adequately address student-athlete safety. Keith was recognized for his efforts by The National Athletic Trainers Association at the Youth Sports Summit.

Keith continues to fight to ensure children in Eastern Arkansas have the future the deserve, having helped formed the Arkansas Early Childhood Well-Being Caucus. The legislative caucus is focused on early childhood well-being and works with early childhood advocates to create an agenda for the Arkansas General Assembly.

As the COVID-19 crisis shuttered schools across the country, Keith fought to ensure students in his district without internet were able to access educational programing via Arkansas PBS. He successfully petitioned local cable companies to carry Arkansas PBS’s educational programs rather than Memphis programming, as they had for decades. His efforts brought learning into the living rooms of children who might have otherwise lost nearly an entire semester of instruction. 

Keith believes in our public schools, our teachers, and our students. He will continue to support and promote legislation that protects public schools, teachers, and students in Eastern Arkansas and across the state.

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